[vtkusers] About The headsq Format.

#YAN RI AN# PS7278514B at ntu.edu.sg
Tue Oct 8 02:53:31 EDT 2002

Dear VTK-Users:
I did not know which image format about Vtk provided quarter file.
I meaned is it from DICOM, *.BMP or *.Tiff...........image format.
I tried different software like ACD See, ezDICOM, Photoshop, Image, AutoCAD, PhotoEdit......but failed.
It can only be opened by Vtk program.
which commercial Software could open it except VTK ?

By the way,I also got a stack of brain slice files from Mimic software package.
I did not know which image format about it.
And how can I open the slice except Mimic & Magic software provided by Materialize Co.

Because I think when we study it.
We must know the property of the slices.
Not only the 64X64X93 16 bits Color but also where it comes from. Is it the raw data or pre-processed?
Could it be opened by another common Software?

I just want to know these. Because I am a newer in VTK, did any expert share some idea about the Image process & 3D Reconstruction about the stack of Slices.
I am interested in Rapid Prototyping Technique such as SLS & 3D Printing Using in Medical Area. I used VTK in Model Reconstruction field. We can make the friend if Anyone is interested in.
I am working at Applied Materials Research Centre, S.M.E, NTU.
* Best Regards
* Yan Rian (Research Student) 
* Email : ps7278514b at ntu.edu.sg
* Lab : AMRC Research Centre 
* Nanyang Technological University 
* Singapore 

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