[vtkusers] Volume rendering data that is not vtkImageData

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Wed Oct 2 17:25:34 EDT 2002

I have been tasked with porting some of our unstructured volume rendering
code to VTK and am having trouble figuring out how to add classes to the
mapper/actor class hierarchies.  It seems that the vtkVolume class provides
the functionality I need in a prop/actor.  However, vtkVolume is constrained
to using a vtkVolumeMapper, which is constrained to using a vtkImageData as
its input.  This is a problem because I want to build a volume rendering
mapper that accepts a vtkUnstructuredGrid as its input.

Is there a way to use the vtkVolume class with mappers that do not render
vtkImageData, or is there a trivial change that could be made that would
allow it to?  Adding a vtkAbstractVolumeMapper between vtkAbstractMapper3D
and vtkVolumeMapper might do the trick.  Or is it really necessary to write
a separate prop class for volume rendering each of the vtkImageData,
vtkRectilinearGrid, vtkStructuredGrid, and vtkUnstructuredGrid data object


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    ***      Sandia National Laboratories
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