[vtkusers] Adding A New Class

fernando hierro spanish_vtk at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 28 10:53:31 EDT 2002

How i can add a new class to my library???


I tried....

1) Create a new directory called VTK/Local.
  2) Create a file called LocalUserOptions.cmake in VTK/. In that file,
     add the command "SUBDIRS(Local)". This will add the Local directory
     to the build.
  3) Create the .cxx and .h file for the new class in VTK/Local. Make
     sure that you use VTK conventions to insure that the wrapping
     occurs correctly. Complex code may break the wrapper parser;
     use //BTX and //ETX around the  code to fix this.
  4) Create a CMakeLists.txt in VTK/Local. You can model it after
     a CMakeList.txt file found in another directory
     (like VTK/IO/CMakeLists.txt).
  5) Rerun ccmake (Unix) or CMakeSetup.exe (Windows).
  6) Then make/gmake (Unix) or msdev (Windows).

but it don´t work.

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