[vtkusers] RE: Coloring one single point

Nigel Nunn nNunn at ausport.gov.au
Fri Jun 28 09:51:22 EDT 2002

Hi Giancarlo, 
You need to associate a scalar value with each point (or cell). 
Before Vtk 4.x, this was done by assigning a vtkScalars object 
as the point (cell) data in your grid.  In Vtk 4.x, use one of 
the vtk[Int/Float/Double]Array classes, and set this array as 
the grid's point (or cell) data.  Try something like this: 
  // CellData
  m_bdryCellBC = vtkIntArray::New(); 
  // PointData 
  m_bdryPointBC = vtkIntArray::New(); 
  m_bdryGrid = vtkUnstructuredGrid::New(); 
    // Map boundary markers to element (cell) faces 

    // Map boundary markers to nodes 
  m_bdryPointBC->InsertNextValue( oldval ); 
Later still, 
  m_bdryPointBC->SetValue( pd->GetPoint(ID), newval ); 
------- Giancarlo Amati wrote ------- 
> I have a polydata structure and I would like to color 
> one and only one point with a different color.  with 
> pd->GetPoint(ID) I obtain my point, can I change it's 
> color?

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