[vtkusers] Re: vtkDecimatePro Bug + hanging

Dave Reed dreed at capital.edu
Wed Jun 26 12:56:09 EDT 2002

> From: "Sebastien_MARAUX" <maraux at ondim.fr>
> I am using Windows 2K with VTK 4.0
> standard build for windows.
> more precisely it hangs saying it cannot
> read memory at address xxxxx. So
> I guess it is an allocation problem.

Given that, I would see if you can get someone else to run your
program to check if it is "reproducible" (it is possible that you could
have a flaky memory chip). It could be a bug in Windows or of course,
a bug in VTK. I'd first see if you can get someone else with the same
software (Windows 2000 with VTK 4.0 standard build). If not, I'm
willing to try it on my Linux system.

> The other problem is that it doesn't
> care about error settings, maybe I
> should try CVS / nightly version ?

I've used vtkDecimatePro, but never paid exact attention to the

> Sorry for html mails, I wasn't actually
> aware of it and didn't think about
> pine and other small mail clients users.
> Sebastien

Thanks, it bothers me to have to delete all the HTML garbage when
replying and of course it wastes bandwidth, especially on a mailing


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