[vtkusers] Camera Dollying

Gharrison9 at aol.com Gharrison9 at aol.com
Tue Jun 25 19:00:04 EDT 2002

I have a project where I am using the cursor keys and Page Up/Down to do 
camera yaw, pitch, and dolly. The comments for Dolly in vtkCamera is

  // Description:
  // Move the position of the camera along the direction of projection. 
  // towards the focal point (e.g., greater than 1) is a dolly-in, moving 
  // from the focal point (e.g., less than 1) is a dolly-out.
  void Dolly(double distance);

Also, according to the description of Dolly in the VTK book (2nd edition) 
Dollying in and out should move the camer's positon along the direction of 
the focal point. 

I take it that the focal point remains the same while the distance from it 
and the camera gets shorter or longer (dollying in or out).

So, If I want to preserve my focal length, do I have to change both the focal 
point and the position of the camera as it moves throughout three space?

Thanks friends!


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