[vtkusers] Python 2.2

Bernhard Gschaider Bernhard.Gschaider at unileoben.ac.at
Mon Jun 24 16:06:28 EDT 2002

>>>>> On Sun, 23 Jun 2002 17:40:32 -0400
>>>>> "SM" == maxxiesgang  <maxxiesgang at comcast.net> wrote:
    SM> Hello, I would like to use Python 2.2 witk vtk40.  Can anyone
    SM> tell me if an update is available and how to set it up.
    SM> Presently I am getting errors dealing with the Python21.dll.

AFAIK you'll have to recompile the vtk*Phython DLLs.
At least I had to when I was upgrading Python.

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