[vtkusers] concave polygons

sagi schein schein at cs.Technion.AC.IL
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AFAIK Open gl does not guarantee that concave polygons would be rendered
correctly, the question is does vtk has a class/filter that would take a
polygonal data and split the concave polygons into a set of convex one -
and do it efficiently that is without doing excessive split.
The same for the second Q - does vtk has the facilities to detect a
concave polygon so I don't have to reinvent it.
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If I understand the questions:
1: No - they are geometrically distinct.
2: Look at the curvatures - a differential geometry book should give you
some examples of how to do this.
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Is there any to 
1.       Generate convex polygon(s) out of a concave polygon using vtk?
2.       Identify concave polygons?
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