[vtkusers] vtk & static libraries

Ted Christiansen ted at caept.com
Sat Jun 22 14:52:55 EDT 2002


Sounds like CMake didnt setup the dll export macros properly.  In vtk3.2 I had
to change these lines in vtkWin32Header.h:

// Handle compiler warning messages, etc.
#pragma warning ( disable : 4244 )
#pragma warning ( disable : 4305 )
#pragma warning ( disable : 4309 )
#ifdef VTKDLL
#define VTK_EXPORT // __declspec( dllexport )
#define VTK_EXPORT // __declspec( dllimport )
#define VTK_EXPORT

commenting out the  __declspec( dllexport ).  This makes the VTK_EXPORT macro
expand to nothing which makes the libraries static.  I haven't tried vtk40 yet
so I cant say how that works.


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