[vtkusers] vtkStreamer and vtkFunctionSet

Robert Belleman robbel at science.uva.nl
Fri Jun 21 04:01:41 EDT 2002

Instead of designing yet another file format, perhaps it would be
better to adopt existing hierarchical scientific data formats
such as HDF or NetCDF?

We have a guy here at our appartment who implemented a vtkNetCDFReader
some time ago. It hasn't been rigorously tested but perhaps it could
be a starting point.

-- Rob

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> Hi Prabhu,
> I agree with you as to file format. By now I use vtkFieldData to store
> velocity time steps as vtkFloatArray's (the improvement in data classes
> made  with vtk4.0 was cool) and save the whole in a vtk file. To
> distinguish data  arrays you can put them in order them or, better,
> name them, but a more  hierarchical organization of information is
> needed (maybe making use of XML,  so to conform once for all to that
> standard).
> Since this would mean re-designing some vtk features, I think we'd
> better  wait for discussion with Berk and collegues.
> Hear you soon
> Luca
>>From: Prabhu Ramachandran <prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in>
>>To: "Luca Antiga" <lucantiga at hotmail.com>
>>CC: vtkusers at public.kitware.com
>>Subject: Re: [vtkusers] vtkStreamer and vtkFunctionSet
>>Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 22:49:58 +0530
>> >>>>> "LA" == Luca Antiga <lucantiga at hotmail.com> writes:
>>     LA> Hi Berk, (sorry for the repeated message, I wasn't sure about
>>     LA> mail delivery) I needed to track massless particles in a LA>
>>     time-varying pulsatile CFD simulation of blood vessels.  I did LA>
>>     it by first writing a vtkInterpolatedTransientVelocityField,
>>     LA> vtkStreakLine class which slightly generalize their steady LA>
>>     couterparts.  If you want I can send you the code of the three LA>
>>     classes.  Thanks for consideration
>>Sounds great!  Would be nice if this code were part of VTK.  Quite a
>>while ago there was talk of creating a more advanced data file format
>>for VTK that would support more features.  There was also talk of
>>streak lines etc.  Here are a few thoughts I've had.  They are still
>>thoughts and I'm not going to have time to implement anything either.
>>Effectively this is a wish list.  Just in case someone is listening.
>>  1. A slightly more intelligent VTK file.  Maybe an additional file
>>  format that allows for a more flexible syntax with scope for multiple
>>  datasets, something like a #include  etc.
>>  2. I guess Luca's classes handle integration over time.  So that
>>  should be already done.
>>  3. The ablity to use zipped VTK files.  Would this be useful or are
>>  binary files good enough?  Now that zlib is distributed as part of
>>  VTK this should not be a problem to implement.
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