[vtkusers] vtkStreamer and vtkFunctionSet

Luca Antiga lucantiga at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 20 03:26:59 EDT 2002

Dear users,
I was looking into the source code of vtkStreamer and I noticed that an 
instance of vtkInterpolatedVelocityField (subclass of vtkFunctionSet) is 
created each time ThreadedIntegrate is called.
At the same time, if one uses 
vtkStreamer::SetIntegrator(vtkInitialValueProblemSolver* ) and then 
vtkInitialValueProblemSolver::SetFunctionSet(vtkFunctionSet* ), apparently 
he could use an integrator with another subclass of vtkFunctionSet in the 
streamer, but this is not actually the case.
Thus, if one wants to implement a subclass of vtkFunctionSet and use it to 
compute streamlines, he basically has to write another vtkStreamer class.
I think it would be better, if possible, to use a generic vtkFunctionSet in 


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