[vtkusers] Please help me with triangle strps!

Andrew J. P. Maclean a.maclean at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Thu Jun 20 02:47:02 EDT 2002

I have a series of m by n points along with their normals. I also have
generated m-1 triangle strips but I don't know how to combine the data
in order to render it.


E.g if  m = 3 and n = 5 then there are 15 points ( and their normals),
so, the triangle strips will be:


Strip 1:   5,  0,  6,  1,   7,  2,   8,  3,   9,  4

Strip 2: 10,  5, 11,  6, 12,  7, 13,  8, 14,  9

The numbers are the indexes of the points. ( I think that this is the
vtk format, where the first three indexes define the triangle and
subsequent ones correspond to each additional triangle)


How do I set up the vtkPolyData structure to incorporate the triangle

If someone can point me to an example, I would really appreciate it.


Since I have the normals will Gourand shading be used automatically if I
pass the vtkPolydata to a mapper?





Andrew J. P. Maclean


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