[vtkusers] New application using VTK

Rainer Lehrig lehrig at t-online.de
Thu Jun 20 01:40:45 EDT 2002


I have a project on http://pvbrowser.sourceforge.net
This project is concerned with process visualisation.
Now I have integrated VTK into this software.

The software consists out of the ProcessViewBrowser which you can compare with 
a http browser and a server which you write by your own.
You can design the server software graphically using Qt designer 
http;//www.trolltech.com. And now you can use VTK from your server. This is 
done by using Tcl for controlling the individual VTK widgets you designed 
into ProcessViewBrowser.

I think that because of VTK now you can do much more than process 
visualisation with this software.

Rainer Lehrig

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