[vtkusers] Camera

Christian Poecher poecher at icom-consulting.de
Wed Jun 19 05:10:45 EDT 2002

The state of a vtkCamera is defined by Position, FocalPoint and ViewUp
(and a few other properties which does not matter for your purpose).
Azimuth manipulates those properies. So if you want to get Azimuth you
will have to define a "standard" plain (e.g. (x, y, 0) for Focal and
Position) and compare it to your camera's actual state.
To make it short: Azimuth is no property of vtkCamera.


Giancarlo Amati schrieb:
> Hello Everybody,
> How can I get the Azimuth angle of my camera? I thought there was
> something like GetAzimuth or similar, but I didn't find nothing.
> Any suggestion?

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