[vtkusers] Compile problem on Solaris 5.8 using cmake

Steve Boyd boyd at biomed.ee.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 14 10:08:41 EDT 2002


You were right about the write problem.  I had been focussing on the "0"
or "1", but didn't realize the problem was writing to a directory that
had not yet been created.  The java home directory
/home/boyd/pack/vtk4.1/VTK/java/vtk specified in CMake is fine, but I
didn't actually create that directory.  I assumed CMake would make it if
it didn't exist.  I have previously been using CMake on a PC, and I
think that if I gave a directory target that didn't yet exist it would
automatically create it for me (no?).  Anyways, not the case on the SUN
and now that I've made the target directory it seems to be compiling

Thanks for pointing out my mistake.


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