[vtkusers] Compile problem on Solaris 5.8 using cmake

Steve Boyd boyd at biomed.ee.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 14 05:57:09 EDT 2002


I get a compile error during the java wrapping portion of my build due
to the inclusion of a file called "1" (and in some other cases "0"). 
See the snippet from the compilation below.

Where is the "1" or "0" coming from?  Is it something I'm not setting in

I am running on Solaris 5.8, vtk nightly release (June 12, 2002), with
cmake v1.2.  I also tried running with cmake 1.4, but get the same

Thanks for any help.


ps. Has anybody ever compiled under solaris 5.8 with 64 bits?  Is it
just a matter of adding -m64 on the g++ compiler?

Compile report:
> /home/boyd/pack/vtk/./vtkParseJava /home/boyd/pack/vtk4.1/VTK/Common/vtkWedge.h /home/boyd/pack/vtk4.1/VTK/Wrapping/hints 1 /home/boyd/pack/vtk4.1/VTK/java/vtk/vtkWedge.java 
>    Parsed func New
>    Parsed func GetEdgePoints
>    Parsed func GetFacePoints
>    Parsed func MakeObject
>    Parsed func GetCellType
>    Parsed func GetCellDimension
>    Parsed func GetNumberOfEdges
>    Parsed func GetNumberOfFaces
>    Parsed func GetEdge
>    Parsed func GetFace
>    Parsed func CellBoundary
>    Parsed func Contour
>    Parsed func EvaluatePosition
>    Parsed func EvaluateLocation
>    Parsed func IntersectWithLine
>    Parsed func Triangulate
>    Parsed func Derivatives
>    Parsed func GetParametricCenter
>    Parsed func InterpolationFunctions
>    Parsed func InterpolationDerivs
>    Parsed func JacobianInverse
>    Parsed func GetEdgeArray
>    Parsed func GetFaceArray
>    Parsed func vtkWedge
>    Parsed func vtkWedge
>    Parsed func vtkWedge
>    Converted operator
> Error opening output file 1
> *** Error code 1
> The following command caused the error:
> /home/boyd/pack/vtk/./vtkParseJava /home/boyd/pack/vtk4.1/VTK/Common/vtkWedge.h /home/boyd/pack/vtk4.1/VTK/Wrapping/hints 1 /home/boyd/pack/vtk4.1/VTK/java/vtk/vtkWedge.java 

Steven Boyd, PhD

Institute for Biomedical Engineering
ETH and University Zuerich
Moussonstrasse 18
8044 Zuerich, Switzerland

tel. +41.1.632.4591  fax. +41.1.632.1214  boyd at biomed.ee.ethz.ch

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