[vtkusers] AXES

vtk at le.isac.cnr.it vtk at le.isac.cnr.it
Fri Jun 14 04:07:52 EDT 2002

I work with the vtk 4, tcl/tk on workstation linux.

I have inserted the axes.
I would want to visualize the arrows to the end of the axes and to insert also the written ones (x, y, z)!

Can i do to visualize the aces all of the same color??



  vtkAxes assi 
     assi SetOrigin -5 -5 -5
  vtkTubeFilter assiTube 
      assiTube SetInput [assi GetOutput]
      assiTube SetNumberOfSides 2
  vtkPolyDataMapper assiMapper 
      assiMapper SetInput [assiTube GetOutput] 

  vtkActor assiActor 
     assiActor SetMapper assiMapper 
     [assiActor GetProperty] SetColor 0 0 0
     assiActor SetPosition 0 0 0
     assi SetScaleFactor 30


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