[vtkusers] Problems compiling pt 2

Gavin Tabor G.R.Tabor at exeter.ac.uk
Thu Jun 13 07:08:31 EDT 2002

My thanks to those who responded earlier : I think the CXX and CC flags 
were incorrectly set. I've got a bit further this time : in fact 
compilation occurred as far as doing something with the ObjectFactory, 
at which point I get the following error messages

/usr/local/bin/gcc -g -O2 -I/space/VTK/Common/Testing/Cxx 
-I/space/VTK/Rendering -I/space/VTK -I/space/VTK/Common 
-I/space/VTK/Filtering -I/space/VTK/Imaging -I/space/VTK/Graphics 
-I/space/VTK/IO -I/space/VTK/Utilities/zlib -I/space/VTK/Utilities/png 
-I/space/VTK/Utilities/jpeg -I/space/VTK/Common/Testing/Cxx   -c 
/space/VTK/Common/Testing/Cxx/ObjectFactory.cxx -o ObjectFactory.o
/usr/local/bin/gcc  -g -O2 ObjectFactory.o  -L/space/VTK/bin/ -lpthread 
-ldl -lm -lvtkCommon -lvtkCommon -lpthread -ldl -lm -lvtkCommon 
-lvtkCommon -Wl,-R,/space/VTK/bin/  -o /space/VTK/bin/ObjectFactory
		first referenced
  symbol  			    in file
strstreambase::ios virtual table    ObjectFactory.o
cout                                ObjectFactory.o
ostream::write(char const *, int)   /space/VTK/bin//libvtkCommon.so
strstreambuf::init_dynamic(void *(*)(unsigned int), void (*)(void *), 
streambuf::streambuf(int)           ObjectFactory.o
ostrstream::~ostrstream(void)       ObjectFactory.o
ofstream::ios virtual table         /space/VTK/bin//libvtkCommon.so
endl(ostream &)                     ObjectFactory.o
ostream::ios virtual table          ObjectFactory.o
istream::operator>>(char &)         /space/VTK/bin//libvtkCommon.so
strstreambuf::str(void)             ObjectFactory.o
cerr                                /space/VTK/bin//libvtkCommon.so
ostream::operator<<(void const *)   /space/VTK/bin//libvtkCommon.so
ostream::operator<<(char const *)   ObjectFactory.o
ends(ostream &)                     ObjectFactory.o
ostrstream::ios virtual table       ObjectFactory.o

which continues for a while. I'm guessing that some important 
library/header file has not been included, but I'm rather a klutz at 
this, so I can't work out what to do. Any suggestions gratefully 
recieved, and as before, my thanks for any help.



Dr. Gavin Tabor
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Engineering
University of Exeter

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