[vtkusers] Histogram of a data array?

Steve Boyd boyd at biomed.ee.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 3 11:15:35 EDT 2002


I would like to calculate a histogram of some scalar data that is
associated with a vtkUnstructuredGrid dataset.  How do I convert my
vtkDataArray into vtkImageData (single component) so that I can use
vtkImageAccumulate to calculate the histogram?  I think it should be
something like this, but not sure how to convert the data array:

  vtkUnstructuredGrid *ug;

  vtkDataArray *data = ug->GetPointData()->GetScalars();

  // ?? vtkDataArrayToImageDataFilter ??
  vtkDataArrayToImageDataFilter *imageData;

  vtkImageAccumulate *histogram;

I'm using vtk4.x on VC++.


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