[vtkusers] picking individual spheres in 3D glyph

jiaye zhou jiaye at inztro.com
Sat Sep 29 02:55:18 EDT 2001

  I am fairly new with VTK (3.2), so my experience is limited. I have a
set of vertices in a 3D Glyph, represented as spheres. So the spheres
are not individual actors. I would like to be able to somehow pick
individual spheres and, say, change its color or retrieve the original
vertex's point value. After studying documentation and example codes, I
didn't see a straight forward way of doing this. I've also looked on the
web as well as in this list's archive. There were similar questions
asked, but didn't see any suggested solutions. Has anyone worked out a
way to do this? I guess I can always make individual sphere an actor,
but I understand that there are performance problems with >1K actors. I
appreciate and look forward to any comment/suggestion from the
community. Thanks in advance.
Jiaye Zhou
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