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Huang, Xiaoping (CRD, Shanghai) Xiaoping.Huang at geahk.ge.com
Thu Sep 27 22:46:13 EDT 2001

  I have a question about how to get the Delaunay trangulation of some  2.5
D scattered points measured by a laser scanner device. 
   I had asked Will for some suggestion and he give me many very useful
suggestions on it. He suggest me to use vtkDelaunay2D to realize it.

  There is still some question as followed, in which words in black are
suggestions about how to realize step bu step and words in blue are my
questions about the suggestion.

+ create a polydata with points
     Can I use "SetInput(vtkPointSet *input)" to deliver points data to
vtkDelaunay2D instance ?  If can, then I should create a vtkPointSet to
    include all my points and use it as the parameter of that function, is
that right?

+ create a vtkDelaunay2D instance and set its input to the polydata
    But I have not found a function can input polydata to vtkDelaunay2D. You
mean vtkPointSet?

+ invoke "Update()" on the delaunay2D instance
    vtkSource::Update()?  Why not vtkDelaunay2D::Execute()?

+ get the output using the GetOutput() method
    vtkPolyData *vtkPolyDataSource::GetOutput()? Then I should prepare a
vtkPolyData to save the triangulation result,
    is that righ?
 Thank you!

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