[vtkusers] python, volume rendering and segmentation fault

Ernvik Aron Aron.Ernvik at smhi.se
Thu Sep 20 10:11:48 EDT 2001

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to modify the volSimple.py volume rendering example. Instead
of reading the volume data from an SLC file, I want to specify the data
myself by looking it up in a Python Numeric Array. The original code is:

reader = vtkSLCReader()
============================================ *

I've changed this into:

import Numeric
a = Numeric.array([0, 1, 2], Numeric.UnsignedInt8)
data = vtkStructuredPoints()
data.setDimensions(3, 3, 1)
scalars = vtkScalars()
scalars.InsertScalar(0, a[0])
scalars.InsertScalar(8, a[2])
============================================ *

...and I get a segmentation fault? Is there any other way to do this (I
suppose there is...)?

Thanks for any help,

Aron Ernvik, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

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