[vtkusers] Re: UserInteraction

Ahmet Tokalak atokalak at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Thu Sep 20 06:22:15 EDT 2001

Following Scene (Using vtk3.2-Java-Bindings under Linux):

 |                                        |
 | Polydata(Grid, consisting of 4 points) |
 |                                        |

 How to pick the 4 points of the polydata ?
 (The user must be able to manipulate, i.e. the xyz-Values of
the points)

 The glyphs must be pickable too. (The user must be able to
manipulate the properties of the glyph).

Thanks for any help

Ahmet Tokalak
Computer Science
Technical Faculty
University of Bielefeld

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