[vtkusers] placing image in dialog box.

Shashidhar Kamath skamath at xradia.com
Wed Sep 19 13:29:20 EDT 2001

My Application is in vc++.
Im able to display an image over the dialog box. But im not able to place
the image window at some specified location of the dialog box. How to do
this. I tried another method, where i keep a static text box on the dialog
box initially during design time and make use of that static text window's
id(handle) to create the render window instead of dialog box handle.
This works fine. But i have the painting problem. The image doesnot get
repainted. This was not happening when i made use of dialog box for
renderwindow's id setting. Tell me is there any way to force painting. Im
calling render() in WM_PAINT message of the dialog but still it does not
update the dispaly.

Thanks in Advance
Shashidhar Kamath
XRadia Inc.
4075A Sprig Drive
Concord CA
94520 USA 

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