[vtkusers] Combining datasets

Joey Mukherjee joey at phobos.space.swri.edu
Wed Sep 12 15:23:26 EDT 2001

Apologies if you see this twice.  I posted once and never saw my message come 

I have four independent datasets, each of which create a line.  However, the 
lines are made of a number of points, say 2000 or more.  

I would like to connect point 1 from line 1 to point 1 of line 2 to point 1 of 
line 3 to point 1 of line 4, point 2 of line 1 to point 2 of line 2, etc.. all 
the way down the line creating a number of tetrahedron.

The only way I can think of doing this is to do an AppendPolyData on each of my 
four datasets to make one big data set and redoing the connectivity.  Is there 
an easier way?

Instead of plotting all the points, I use a vtkMaskPoints filter to reduce the 
number of points and I really want to connect these masked points.  I suppose I 
could take the output of vtkMaskPoints and do an AppendPolyData, but maybe there 
is an easier way.

Thanks for any ideas!


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