[vtkusers] reading ct scan data...

Mahendra Babu Arugundram Hrikris marugund at ecn.purdue.edu
Mon Sep 10 23:10:21 EDT 2001

i am trying to read a ct scan data stored in binary format in a single
file. The file data dimension is 256*256*512

i am using vtkImageReader as shown below.
vtkImageReader reader
      reader SetFileName "$VTK_DATA/AmpatoBody_0_511.ct"
      reader SetFileDimensionality 3
      reader SetDataSpacing 1.9375 1.9375 1.0
      reader SetDataExtent 0 255 0 255 1 1

This causes an error message to be thrown during reading of the file.

The man pages do not give a clear idea of what the SetDataExtent function


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