[vtkusers] Re: Video card specific tweaks

Dave Reed dreed at capital.edu
Mon Sep 10 22:08:13 EDT 2001

> From: Robert Mitchell <robmitch at eng.uts.edu.au>
> Hello All,
> Having gone through the learning curve about video cards...and even
> bought one (GeForce2 Ultra), I now come to another question:
> Do I have to specify extra settings to VTK to compile so that it knows
> of my incredibly powerful video card (it is compared to what Ive ever
> used!). Its just that my expectations of what it could do have not quite
> been met?!
> Cheers,
> Rob
> --
> Robert Mitchell
> Faculty of Engineering
> University of Technology, Sydney
> +61 2 9514 2317

Are you using Windows or Linux?

Have you downloaded and installed the latest NVidia drivers?

Are you certain vtk is using those drivers?

Have you compared your vtk performance to a benchmark?

I've noticed that NVidia cards are not that great for vtk since their
polygon rendering count is not that high (at least compared to a Sun
with Elite3D graphics).

I'm still using a TNT2 card because a GeForce2 (borrowed from a
friend) appeared to be only twice as fast as it and it wasn't worth
$250 (probably cheaper now) to me to get a speedup of 2 (especially
when my Sun Elite3D at work is at least an order of magnitude faster).


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