[vtkusers] Windows offscreen image rendering

Ermin Hasičević Ermin.Hasicevic at iskon.hr
Sun Sep 9 07:53:02 EDT 2001


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	     renWin->SetupMemoryRendering(width, height,
	// do stuff with bitmap
	> have used this successfully, but note that it stopped working
some time
	>(I don't know when - I didn't use it for months) and when I
tried it last
	>week it gave an image of width & height of zero (ie nothing). I
checked in
	>a fix a few days ago and my offscreen rendering is working fine
	>maybe you should try a nightly release from today or similar
and give it a go.
	>If you're using an older vtk, you should probably just get
	>vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow from cvs
	>(Note that the above assumes you already have a compatible
device context
	>on screen, if you are doing vtk without a window you might need


	I don't know if I misunderstood concept of offscreen rendering,
but I thought 

	that it's such kind of rendering where no image window pops out
when I start

	image rendering. Is there any way to tell vtkWin32OpenGLImage
window to

	not show when I call render method for first time or there's no
hope to get away

	from that?





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