[vtkusers] Point data, scalars, and picking in VTK

Andrew Uplinger a_uplinger at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 9 00:44:00 EDT 2001


I have a couple of questions:

1.  I'm trying to find the best way to visualize a data set consiting of x, y, z data plus 2 scalar values per data point.  The data is not always on a grid.  I am able to visualize the x,y,z data points ok- I am not sure of the best way to mix in the data set.  I'm using vtkPoints for the x,y,z data.
I am looking at vtkProgrammableAttributeDataFilter and vtkProgrammableGlyphFilter to map the scalar data to the point data- is this the best way to proceed?  Are there alternate methods?

2.  Picking- I'm using spheres as glyphs in my data pipeline above.  If I want to pick just one of the spheres (out of hundreds/thousands) - I always end up selecting all the spheres.  Is there a way to select just one or two of the points and not all?

Any tips/suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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