[vtkusers] Scalar bar

John Biddiscombe jbiddiscombe at skippingmouse.co.uk
Wed May 30 05:48:07 EDT 2001

>the first value is always displayed below the scalar bar, it's almost as

Probably the text is being displayed with vertical alignment on the top 
left. Inside the scalar bar code, there are text mappers, one for each 
label, created inside a loop. Probably if you examine the code (I don't 
know it well enough to advise any better), you can find something that 
looks suspicious. Unfortunately, unless you are willing to dig deep into 
the code and do some reworking, there isn't much chance it'll get improved 
in the short term! (A bit of work might be enough to tidy up the labels and 
add some "clever" choice over the label formatting etc...)



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