[vtkusers] REG: best method for closest point search

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Fri May 18 09:11:19 EDT 2001

Hi Kiran-

There is no k-d tree implementation that I know of. This would be a very nice addition to vtk. An adaptive spatial structure would be very helpful in situations where there is large variation in point density, e.g., an unstructured grid that is refined in a boundary layer. Operations like contouring would be sped up considerably (it uses vtkMergePoints). In the past I've had to resort to creating point locators with large dimensions (500^3) and this takes way too much memory.


At 04:11 PM 5/18/2001 +0530, Kiran, P (CORP, GEITC) wrote:
>Hi VTK gurus,
>I am doing 3-D image registration work. Right now, I am using the some
>built-in locators to find the closest point of one surface to the other.
>Has anyone implemented  a FindClosestPoint method that uses kd trees in VTK?
>Are there  any best methods techniques for finding the closest point?
>Thanks in advance for help.

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