[vtkusers] vtkScalarBarActor

xujianzhong xujianzhong at 126.com
Wed May 16 02:24:02 EDT 2001

Hi, vtk users

I am new to vtk and need some help, but I should say sorry about my poor english at first.

I use vtk3.1.2 (c++) to develop a FEM post process program. But when I move into vtk3.2, I found my program get a much slower performance while drawing a scalar bar using vtkScalarBarActor than that in vtk3.1 with same code. Are there any one else has the same experience? Any possible reason to explain it will be very appreciated.

I also want to know wether vtkTextMapper support fareast double byte language or not, and if it's posible, how to make it support?

Thanks for any help!

xu jianzhong
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