[vtkusers] compiling VTK

Zeger Knops zfknops at cs.uu.nl
Tue May 8 08:46:52 EDT 2001

I have dowloaded VTK 3.2 and used it for some time now. But now I've added
my own class to apply a kernel on an image, but when I run the program I get
the following error :

ERROR: In F:\vtk-src-windows\imaging\vtkImageToImageFilter.h, line 116
vtkImageShrink3D (0x08AEAEBE8): LegacyHack was obsoleted for version "3.2"

vtkImageShrink3D isn't the only class giving this error. How do I solve
this?, or what am I doing wrong?. I use the Java VTK bindings on windows 2k.

Even if I only recompile VTK I get the same errors.


drs. Zeger Knops
PhD student at Utrecht University

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