[vtkusers] iconify-raise-lower

David J. Netherway djn at elan.mad.adelaide.edu.au
Mon May 7 22:57:15 EDT 2001

How do you iconify  a vtkWindow from a tcl script? I gather from the lack of response to my
previous post that my question was unclear, or it is too simple or too hard.

Iconifying a tcl window is easy:
wm inconify .windowName

But I did not find a similar command for a vtkWindow although there are SetPosition and
SetWindowName commands. MakeCurrent does not seem to raise the window.

This is on a Windows2000 PC.

Thanks, David

"David J. Netherway" wrote:

> How does one iconify, raise and lower vtkRenderWindows ?
> Thanks, David
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