[vtkusers] plot3d binary format (old question ?)

David D. Marshall gte552m at prism.gatech.edu
Wed Mar 28 12:22:27 EST 2001

What we did was use the plot3d reader as an example implementation for our 
own reader that could swap bytes, handle single/double precission, etc. We 
needed a lot more flexibility when reading the data files in and converting 
the data to other flow properties (i.e. needing thermally perfect gas model, 
curve fit property models).  I don't know of an automatic way of determining 
the endianess of the data file except by having the user set it :(, but once 
you know that (and the endianess of the platform you're running on), then you 
can use VTK's byte swapping code to do the swapping as needed.

On Wednesday 28 March 2001 10:53, Philip Rubini wrote:
> I am sure that this question has been asked many times but there is no
> record in the archive.
> >From my (limited) understanding of the source for the plot3d reader, is it
> true that it is hard coded such that the originating data is always assumed
> to be in BigEndian format. I can see why this might be done such that the
> example plot3d data files will work on any platform. But working with the
> binary only distribution on a pc this becomes somewhat more complicated. Am
> I missing something, is there a method to select the binary 'endian format
> for use with plot3d data formats, or is the only alternative to work with
> the source directly ?
> Phil. Rubini

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