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I am doing this in C++.  If I just create a new vtkLightKit, add it to the
renderer and call LightFollowCameraOn(), the object I display are black.  Is
this because the defaults for a new light kit are not appropriate?  The
documentation does not provide any info on proper values for the various
adjustment calls provided in vtkLightKit.  Perhaps it is easier to use


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Look at contrib/examplesTcl/LightKitViewer.tcl

The basic idea is (iren is interactor, ren1 is renderer)

iren LightFollowCameraOff
ren1 LightFollowCameraOn

vtkLightKit lightKit
lightKit AddLightsToRenderer ren1

After that, adjust the key light, fill light, and headlight positions,
relative intensities, and warmth as described in the help in the above


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