[vtkusers] Mac OS X and VTK

Tom Bartol bartol at salk.edu
Mon Mar 26 12:06:41 EST 2001

Yes, I'm very interested.  We don't yet have a Mac running OS X in our lab
but will in a couple of weeks.  I plan to beat on it pretty hard as soon
as we get it to evaluate its stability and performance.  If I like it (and
I probably will) chances are excellent I'll be getting one for myself.  
At that point I'll certainly want VTK to run on it.  If more is help
is required to get VTK running on OS X at that point you can count on me
to chip in.  So Please keep me posted.

Several questions arise:
What development/library environment is available on OS X?  gcc?  XFree86?



On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Harris Scott R CIV AFRL/SNJM wrote:

> There was some discussion a while back about trying to port VTK to
> Mac OS X. I, for one, would be very excited about running VTK on
> my Mac (right now I do it using LinuxPPC).
> Since Mac OS X has OpenGL I'm hoping that it won't be too much
> work. I'm going to try and compile on my iBook tonight to see
> what happens.
> Is anyone working on this? Is anyone else interested?
> Thanks,
> -Scott Harris
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