[vtkusers] vtkContourGrid ???

Patrick Lowry plowry at scotia-group.com
Thu Mar 22 12:58:03 EST 2001


If your data points are random, you can use a gridding algorithm to convert
them to a structured points data set (not part of VTK).  A simple inverse
distance weighted algorithm works well but there are better methods.  Then
its easy enough to contour the data set and display it as shown in the gif
you provided or as contour lines.  The image can then be written out as a

We do this all the time for our clients in the oil business.  If you would
like more help on the gridding, let me know.  

One thing about being impatient, in the consulting world, it drives up the

Patrick Lowry
The Scotia Group, Inc.

At 11:14 AM 3/22/01 -0600, you wrote:
>I have searched the web, and the email archive for hints on how to use
>vtkContourGrid, but can't seem to figure it out.
>My problem is this: I want to draw a contour plot of antenna signal
>strengths. I have a bunch of X & Y positions, and signal strengths. I want
>to draw a 2D contour plot of them in a 2D window. Something like this:
>Since my input is not in a regular grid, I know that I first have to fit
>some kind of curve to it to get a regular grid first, and then I can draw
>the contour plot. I believe that vtkContourGrid is what I need, but can't
>figure out how to make use of it.
>I also want a normal 2D plot, not a 2D overlay in an OpenGL window, but a
>real 2D plot if possible.
>I've already ordered both books, but I don't want to wait until next week to
>get this problem solved - I'm impatient :-)
>Are there any kind soles out there willing to help me with this problem?
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