[vtkusers] Teaching VTK with TCL/TK

Gummadi Sreenivas gummadi.sreenivas at Mentisys.com
Wed Mar 21 12:21:37 EST 2001

If you have decided on TCL to script VTK (and not python, which (IMHO) is a
better teaching language):

For computer scientists this online TCL tutorial is short and sweet:

Here is an excerpt from its preface: 

"...We hope that a professional programmer or MIT student can breeze through
it in one evening. By the end of the evening, that person should have
learned Tcl, learned a little something about the Web, and not have been

It is available on the Web at a permanent URL. If you don't like it, the
authors will happily refund your purchase price. :-)"

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> Dear VTKers,
> I'm teaching a course for computer science graduate students 
> this summer on
> the subject of scientific visualization. We'll be using VTK 
> (both TCL/TK and
> C++ flavors) on PCs for projects and there will be 48 hours 
> for lecture
> and/or labs.
> Any suggestions for course materials? If I use a set of notes (html,
> Powerpoint, Word, ..., crayon) I'd be happy to pass back any 
> additions.
> Any suggestions for books? I have the two from Kitware, but am still
> searching for a good intro to TCL/TK for the class and 
> myself. I've only
> used the C++ approach at work since I tend towards really 
> large datasets.
> Any further suggestions would be welcome. It would probably 
> be a good idea
> to communicate directly to save the VTK world from these 
> slightly off-topic
> messages.
> Kent Eschenberg   kee at erdc.hpc.mil
> ERDC MSRC (DoD supercomputer center), Vicksburg, MS
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