[vtkusers] How to find proper member function of a particular class in vtk

TzuYi Yu tyyu01 at mail.apol.com.tw
Sun Mar 11 23:29:25 EST 2001

Dear VTK Users:

  In the graphics\examplesCxx\Cone4.cxx, 
there are some statements listed as follows:
----------Code Segment included -----------------
  vtkActor *cone1 = vtkActor::New();

----------End of included -----------------------
The cone1 is a pointer and points to vtkActor, 
however, when I check vtkActor, I can NOT find 
that vtkActor has member functions of GetProperty 
and SetMapper, so I assume that the superclass of 
vtkActor should have these member functions and 
the vtkActor just inherits them. But when I go to
the online menual page, and check for vtkActor, 
I found vtkActor->vtkProp3D->vtkProp->vtkObject, 
BUT vtkProp3D, vtkProp and vtkObject DON'T have 
GetProperty() member function!  Did I miss anything?
Can anyone tell me how the inheritance relationship?
(ie, why cone1->GetProperty() is legal?) 


Robert Yu 

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