[vtkusers] genarating movies from VTK views

Sebastien BARRE seb-ml-a at barre.nom.fr
Fri Mar 9 07:57:58 EST 2001

At 09/03/01 12:07 +0100, Oliver Fleig wrote:
>I would like to generate a movie (mpg?) from a vtk scene. The only 
>solution I see would be dividing the camera trajectory into small steps 
>and grab the RenderWindow using SaveImageAsPPM. And then trying to make an 
>mpeg from the resulting images.
>Has anyboy a nicer way to do that??

There has been some articles related to that issue (both synchronous and 
asynchronous), check the archives for the "animation" word.
Give a try to the keyBottle in exampleTcl/.
There is no public AVIWriter at the moment.

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