[vtkusers] 3D texture mapping ????

Lisa Sobierajski Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Thu Mar 8 23:20:36 EST 2001

Hello Marcelo,

Currently only 2D texture mapping is supported for volume rendering (it is 
more widely available). This does lead to some temporal artifacts as you 
cross the "border" between one major direction and another, but generally 
the results are reasonable.


At 08:49 AM 3/7/2001, Marcelo Costa wrote:
>Hi, users
>I've been study the Users Guide and on pg 125 is write that only there
>are 3 main volume rendering  techniques. My question is anybody know if
>new version of vtk implement volume rendering with texture 3D (DVRT).
>Because in my work i will reconstruction image of MRI.
>Tanks a lot.
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