[vtkusers] vtk, python20, TkRenderWidget, Win2000

Julian Humphries julian at essaustin.com
Wed Mar 7 12:15:16 EST 2001

David Gobbi wrote:

> Under Windows you have to play a couple tricks, because the RenderWidgets
> (for both Tcl and Python) rely on header files that are not included
> with the binary Tcl distribution.  In the standard VTK distribution,
> the tcl/tk 8.2 versions of these headers are kept in pcmaker/xlib.
> If you want to use any other version of tcl/tk (for example 8.0 for
> use with Python1.5.2 or 8.3 for use with Python2.0) then you need to
> 1) get and install the tcl/tk binaries
> 1) under the pcmaker 'Advanced' options specify the paths to the tcl and
>    tk libraries
> 2) get a copy of the tk source, and copy the 'generic', 'win', and
>    'xlib' directories from the source distribution into your binary
>    distribution
> Yes, this is ugly.  Also note that unless your tcl/tk version matches the
> version of tcl/tk that python was built against, the RenderWidgets will
> almost certainly not work under python.

This last problem is one that has defeated me to date, I have only been
able to get python 1.5.2/ tcl 8.0/ vtk 3.1 to work.

So how do we match the tcl/tk - python - vtk versions? (for windows) Can
someone outline a (binaries, not source) installation sequence for using
Python 2 and vtk?  Can somebody indicate a known combination of versions  
that work? (I assume from the other text in this message that vtk is not
the issue, other than the version of tcl/tk that it installs, and perhaps
some path issues).

Thanks, Julian Humphries

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