[vtkusers] Need help to use Volume16Reader

bo wang bowang at iastate.edu
Wed Mar 7 00:52:53 EST 2001

Try vtkImageReader, see whether it can read the data set.

such as:

vtkImageReader *reader = vtkImageReader::New();
    reader->SetDataByteOrderToLittleEndian(); file://for read 16bits for pc


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From: Seonho Shin <sshin at engineering.uiowa.edu>
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Date: Tuesday, March 06, 2001 11:13 PM
Subject: [vtkusers] Need help to use Volume16Reader

>Hello, all
>I'm a graduate student who is working in medical image processing. I've
>started to learn about vtk. I have 214 slices of CT cardiac image. I've
>trying to read the slices and generate 3D image through the
>The image file has .pix extention, i.e., W16L0001.pix, W16L002.pix, ... so
>However, they are not pix files in the traditional definition. It is BINARY
>files with unsigned short 16 bits. I thought vtkVolume16Reader would read
>files without trouble but it did not work. When I tried to verify the image
>dimension after reading, it had 0, 0, i.e., nothing had been read with the
>vtkVoulme16Reader. Maybe, I made a wrong program. Since I rarely have
>experience on vtk program(I'm only four days old on vtk), if there is
>who can give some tips or methods for read the images, I really appreciate.
>Many Thanks.
>e-mail   : sshin at icaen.uiowa.edu
>phone(O) : (319) 384-0593
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