[vtkusers] Need help to use Volume16Reader

Seonho Shin sshin at engineering.uiowa.edu
Wed Mar 7 00:03:55 EST 2001

Hello, all

I'm a graduate student who is working in medical image processing. I've just 
started to learn about vtk. I have 214 slices of CT cardiac image. I've been 
trying to read the slices and generate 3D image through the vtkVolume16Reader. 
The image file has .pix extention, i.e., W16L0001.pix, W16L002.pix, ... so on. 
However, they are not pix files in the traditional definition. It is BINARY 
files with unsigned short 16 bits. I thought vtkVolume16Reader would read the 
files without trouble but it did not work. When I tried to verify the image 
dimension after reading, it had 0, 0, i.e., nothing had been read with the 
vtkVoulme16Reader. Maybe, I made a wrong program. Since I rarely have 
experience on vtk program(I'm only four days old on vtk), if there is anyone 
who can give some tips or methods for read the images, I really appreciate.

Many Thanks.


e-mail   : sshin at icaen.uiowa.edu
phone(O) : (319) 384-0593

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