[vtkusers] building VTK with Tcl

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Wed Feb 28 06:53:44 EST 2001

Hi Wolfv-

I'm guessing that you are building on the PC, and building incremental dll's.

The second method you describe occasionally gives rise to problems because 
the graphics libraries are broken into four or five pieces. Each piece is 
internally consistent, but when you add a new class the "boundaries" change 
which occasionally gives link errors as you indicate. What I do is simply 
"touch" the class generating the .obj file with link errors, and then 
recompile. (Sometimes you have to do this a couple of times.)


At 09:48 PM 2/27/2001 -0600, Wolfram H Volpi wrote:
>What is the usual procedure for adding a class to VTK?
>I have tried the two procedures listed below.
>The first procedure takes 50 minutes to add a new class,
>Does it always take 50 minutes to add a new class?
>         1) Delete vtkbin.
>         2) add new class to makefile.in.
>         3) run pcmaker.
>         4) run nmake (builds for 50 minutes and links fine).
>The second procedure takes a minute, but gets a link error.
>Does this procedure normally work?
>         1) Start with a VTK installation that is already built and
>         2) Add new class to makefile.in.
>         3) run pcmaker.
>         4) run nmake (gets link error listed below).
>         Creating library ..\lib/vtktcl.lib and object ..\lib/vtktcl.exp
>vtktclgraphicsobjs.lib(vtkAttributeDataToFieldDataFilterTcl.obj) : error

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