[vtkusers] vtk, tcl/tk, and C++

Edward Block block at blocksys.com
Thu Feb 22 18:52:10 EST 2001

We have written a C++ program to try to display and process some
data. The C++ code uses vtk to create a window in which the collected images
displayed and a tk "window" with all the GUI stuff in it.

We need to use C because of the enormous amount of math manipulations done
on the
data (ie. fftw).

I would like to know how to tie the multiple windows together so they feel
like one
application. Any ideas on how the 3 languages (Vtk, Tcl/Tk, C) can better
DO we need to go to using sockets or is there a way to pass such things as
pointers to windows and frames to and fro?

Ed Block, PEng
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB, CANADA

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