[vtkusers] ftp download sites

Randy Heiland heiland at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Feb 22 16:48:12 EST 2001

Just curious/confused about the numbering scheme on the ftp sites:

  which lists *3.1-787*

versus the older(?):
  which lists *3.2*

I'm assuming the following rpms are "equivalent" in that they contain the
pre-built core libs.  I'm a little surprised to see the newer one is smaller in
size (and too lazy to get on a Linux box and download both to see what each

vtk-3.1-787N.i386.rpm      3427 Kb    Thu Feb 22 03:56:00 2001
vtk-3.2-3.i386.rpm         3829 Kb    Tue Jan 23 17:16:00 2001


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