[vtkusers] vtkUnstructuredGrid and cell edges

Stéphane Genaud genaud at icps.u-strasbg.fr
Thu Feb 15 09:29:09 EST 2001


i would like to visualize a mesh made of hexadrons. 
My meshing program dumps points coordinates and cells in

To save space, most cells vertices refer to some common
points (defining the coordinates), i.e., the two first faces
of one cell can be :

CELLS 6 54
8 217 216 252 253 219 218 254 255
8 216 220 256 252 218 221 257 254

Unfortunately, the edges (shared between adjacent cells) are not 
displayed when i ask for a wireframe rendering
though I can see the cell faces with SetRepresentationToFaces()
with an alpha blending.

I have tried to insert a filter=vtkGeometryFilter in my pipeline,
with filter.SetMerging(0), but it makes no difference.

I am wondering 
a) why hidding the common edges seem to be the default
for wireframe rendering, and how i can change that, 
and b) am i using the right structures
to vizualize my problem ?


  Stéphane Genaud                                    
   ICPS, Université Louis Pasteur                   
   Pôle API, Bd. S. Brant, F-67400 Illkirch        
   tel : (33)(0)390244542, 0619058113 (SFR)

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