[vtkusers] python bindings

Jan Vittrup Hansen Jan.Vittrup at Person.dk
Tue Feb 13 10:01:57 EST 2001


  I've been reading the vtkusers archives to learn more on the vtk 
python bindings in the current CVS version of VTK under redhat linux 
7.0, and have a few questions:

o Are there any chance of being able to derive my own classes from 
vtkActor or vtkInteractorStyle in python?

o Also it seems that a number of functions seems missing from the 
wrapper, in particular vtkActor.GetBounds()
would be nice right now - will this change? Can I get around this 
without modifying the source distribution?

o I attempted deriving a class from vtkInteractorStyle via C++
to make some protected methods available as "public" so I could make a 
python wrapper class emulating derivation.
This failed miserably since SWIG apparently does not use the information 
present in the tree already build, hence
did not accept the vtkInteractorStyle class. Any ideas of how I can 
"hack" the bindings easily?

  Regards, Jan...

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